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Hello Everyone! My name is Megan and I'm a 21 year old college student majoring in Early Childhood Education. Here is my story:

(I started this blog with the hopes of getting healthy. In the past few months, I haven't done much to work towards that goal. So its about time I kick my butt in gear and get to it!)

Ever since I can remember I've been overweight. To the left is a photo of me at about 5 years of age, here I'm a normal kid. But not long after that I started to slowly add my weight. In elementary school, as we all got older, children would make fun of me for my weight.

It just kept getting worse though. By early middle school, 6th grade, I was shopping in the upper juniors section and could even wear some women's clothes. Middle school was were the bullying and taunting really started. But all it did was make me feel even worse about myself, and just made the situation worse. 

By high school I was in a size 18 women's. I managed to stay that size through high school, only adding a bit of weight. And breaking into a size 20 the last few months of my senior year. 

I never knew how mean others could be until high school. I pretty much kept to myself, stayed in the same group of friends and didn't do much outside of school. My mom and I eventually started to do Curves together. Which was great! I managed to loose 18 lbs in just a few weeks. This didn't last long though, my mom got a new job and Curves wasn't on her way home anymore. So the weight came back... and then some.

When I entered college I didn't really gain any weight. I was still a size 20. I thought I had made it when I didn't gain anything my freshman year. But boy was I wrong. 

The next year I met the most wonderful man, who is now my fiance. He was perfect. Loved me just the way I was, and that was something new for me. I was so happy to have someone who fell in love with me the way I was. Someone who didn't want me to change at all, who loved me for me, even with the extra weight. 

Well, I guess knowing that I had him I let myself go. I slowly started gaining weight again. In my mind, since he didn't care what I looked like, my attitude changed completely. I just stopped trying (for lack of a better expression). I didn't really care what I ate, certainly didn't exercise.  And I just kept gaining weight.

Today, a few months short of 4 years since I met him, I've gotten to a size 24! And honestly, I'm just sick and tired of it. So I've made up my mind, its time to change before its to late! Below is a picture of me taking on 7/27/13, at my highest weight. (And that dress just looked horrible on me, shows everything!) So now, its up to me to make sure I never EVER look like this again! I hope you'll follow me on my journey! 

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