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Friday, January 4, 2013

A Little Overdue

Today as I was fixing my lunch I realize I never took the time to introduce my self and my little family! What was I thinking!? So today's post will be an introduction to the people behind the names.

But first... Happy new year everyone! Here's wishing you all a wonderful, prosperous new year. Did you all make resolutions  I know I did, and so far, I've stuck to them (I know that's not saying much 4 days into the new year... but you gotta start somewhere right?). My personal resolution is to not only loose weight, but to be healthy. For me its not just about one or the other. What is so good about loosing weight if your not healthy enough to keep that weight off? This year I've come up with goals and such to help me along the way and even became active on a wonderful site called Spark People. (More to come on them in a later post! But its a great tool, and its FREE!)

Okay enough about that, its time for introductions! First up, little ol' me. I'm the one behind the blog and the shop, the one who some how manages to do  it all (I have yet to figure out how!).

Yup that's me! That was Christmas morning at my mom and dads. It's one of the most recent pictures I have of myself, so I figured why not! Anyways, a little about me. I'm currently enrolled in college, I go to Frostburg State University (FSU). Here I'm majoring in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, with a minor in psychology. I have my own business, The Green Haven, in which I design and sew eco friendly and reusable products.

I do all the cooking, which I don't mind, and that's probably a good thing! Let's just say my fiance is not the best equipped for cooking, I just recently taught him how to make pancakes!

Now on to the mysterious fiance! He does have a name, which I do know believe it or not, and its Brian. But if you do see me refer to him by name I highly doubt you'll see Brian, to everyone he is Bubba! (Well to me he is Bub or bubby, but hey you get the idea!)

That's him on Christmas morning too! And if you look beside him your are not mistaken. Those are remote control cars, and actually they were one of his favorite presents. He is also at FSU, but he is majoring in Wildlife or something like that. I can never remember what the major is called, but basically he is going to school to be a park ranger, or a DNR officer.

Last but not least are our two furballs. We have two cats, who happen to be brothers, that will be 2 years old Feb 27th of this year. And yes they are curled up in the bathroom sink, I have no idea why! The grey and white cat is Felix, he is mine and boy do you know it. He will only lay down on me, he has to climb in bed and have me pet him before we go to sleep, he hates in when other pick him up, and if he can't find me he runs around like a lunatic until he does, and it goes on and on. The other cat is Austin, and he is quite the opposite! He is the most lovable cat on this planet. As soon as the front door opens he is there to investigate. He loves to rub up on your legs, and sit in your lap, and if you stop petting him he will nudge you until you start again!

Well that is a short and sweet introduction to our little family. I hope you all enjoyed! Oh an for those of you looking for the first edition of freezer cooking, look for it within the next week!

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