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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Freezer Cooking- Coming Soon!

I got the most useful gadget for Christmas, a freezer bag holder! This thing is amazing!  It has a rubber grip on the base to ensure it doesn't slip while your trying to fill up your bag, and the green clips are adjustable so you can use any size bag! (Want your own? Go HERE)

So today I decided to put it to use. I've spent the morning making all sorts of freezer dishes and taking photos! So I will be creating my first Freezer Cooking post very soon! (I'm super excited about this! Freezer cooking is one of the best things I started doing.)

What is freezer cooking? Well basically you just make dishes for the sole purpose of putting them in the freezer. One of the easiest ways to get started is to simply double your dinner. Make twice the amount of whatever it is your making for dinner, and put half in a freezer bag and freeze it for later! Simply label with the cooking directions and date. You now have a meal ready to go whenever your short on time or if you forgot to take something out.

I went to the grocery store and found some great deals. Now my fridge is packed and the food is just asking me to make something with it! Look for Part 1 of freezer cooking within the next week! I'll be sharing tips, techniques, and some yummy recipes! Below I've complied a list of everything you'll need to do your own freezer cooking!

Getting Ready for Freezer Cooking

STEP 1- The most important step in freezer cooking is knowing what your going to make! Have all of your recipes ready to go.

STEP 2- Make your grocery list! Go through all of your recipes and make sure you have everything you need. The last thing you want to do is stop your day of cooking to have to run out to the store (or send your fiance and his little brother like I did!). Then go shopping!
*Tip- I normally pick up a chicken to throw in a pot. I use it to make stock, then shred the chicken up and put it in the freezer for whenever I need it!

STEP 3- Gather your supplies! What you'll need:
- Freezer Bags
- Sharpie
- Freezer Labels (If your bags don't have a spot to write)
- Cutting Board (s)
- Sharp Knives
- Bowls (Many sizes)
- A skillet or two

And that should get your ready to start your day of freezer cooking! If you have any questions or tips for freezer cooking leave a comment, I would love to hear them!


  1. This gadget look so simple and useful. I've never seen it so thanks for telling us all about it. Will save the kitchen counter from the mess that usually develops as I try to fill the bags.

    Great post!

  2. New follower from Etsy! I can't wait to learn about freezer cooking-I've wanted to start doing that for so long!

    1. Welcome! Glad to have you. I hope to get the series started soon!

      Look forward to hearing from you in the future!

  3. How exciting! Freezer meals are the best when you have a busy family. Great blog, stopping by from Etsy Teams to support you.

    Tiny Tipis

    1. I must agree! When college is in session, me and my fiance have different schedules so its some times simplest to just pull something out that is ready to make!

      Glad to have you!

  4. Great freezer meal tips, thanks.
    Another Etsy Team member offering support :)


  5. I've never seen the freezer bag gadget...very handy.
    from an Etsy Promote Your Blog team member,