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Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Little Slice of Life sat here yesterday contemplating starting a new blog, you may know me from Life is Green. Well that blog is dedicated to all the Eco friendly, reusable and Etsy related aspects, mainly for my shop (and is successfully neglected most of the time!).

I wanted something more. A blog that would cover every aspect of our lives, were I can share anything and have it fit. Me (Megan) and my fiance (Brian) have decided to start a new chapter in our lives, we want to be healthy. Its a great goal, and something I would love to achieve. But this will not be easy! Not only do we deal with the everyday hardships of getting healthy (and loosing weight) such as motivation, big problem for us, but we are also college students, with no jobs and Etsy as our only source of income. So we are on a VERY tight budget. But I think we can do this, we just have to stick to it and roll with the punches so to speak.

Now don't get me wrong... this blog is not just for that. I actually have an idea for a how to make your own stock post brewing! And of course I'll share recipes, photos, and heck even some tutorials! But enough of my ranting... We would love to have you follow along our journey!

This should be fun!