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Friday, December 14, 2012

A Day of Sorrow

I must admit when I woke up this morning, I like many, expected this to be just another day. I'd get up and do my usual, take my final, make up a quiz, packages a few orders, and just go about my day as normal. I had the morning news on when I heard of the tragic shooting in Connecticut today. I was utterly stunned. I am in school now to become a kindergarten teacher, where I hope to help many young children. I could not believe someone would bring any harm to children of such a young age, certainly not twenty of them. I still can not quite understand what a child could do to you to deserve such a fate.

This is one thing we may never fully understand. For those of you with children of your own, I can only imagine the effect today's events have one you. Cherish your child, no matter how old they are, and take a moment to let them know they are safe and the things you do to keep them that way. Remind them you hold their hand when they cross the street, or that you buckle them up when they get in the car, just remind them and try to help them understand what has happened.

I once again began my routine, when my fiance and I received a phone call. It was fairly late and certainly not a time we expect calls. We were alerted a dear friend, a family member, was being flown to shock trauma at Hopkins. He is a young man, only 17 years old. He was the passenger in a car that proceeded to roll multiple times before hitting a tree. Both boys had to be cut out of the car before being flown out.

*Update- He is now in stable condition, with quite a few broken bones. But is expected to recover fully.

This day has reminded me that any day can truly be your last. Take a moment to tell someone you love them, or to go visit a friend or relative you have not seen in a while. Just take a moment to truly enjoy your life. And remember all the things in life that you are thankful for!

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. I will certainly be sending thoughts and prayers to the families, friends, victims, and school personnel effected today, and I hope you take a moment to do the same.


  1. Megan thank you for this post. It serves to remind us all, once again, just how precious life is. Well said and I shall keep your friend in my thoughts. And, I admire the route

  2. Megan, thank you for putting into words what so many of us can't seem to understand or indeed express right now.